In 2002 an abandoned 6,000 square foot sawmill on 164 wooded acres was purchased by Mike Caldwell. The plan was to create a corporate team building center and wilderness retreat.

At the time, Mike had never heard the term "off grid". Thirteen years later and "Off Grid Ark" is now a completely self sufficient off grid training center. 

Follow "Off Grid Ark" and Mike Caldwell and you too can be energy efficient and self sufficient.

Off Grid Ark Founder Mike Caldwell and Fred

DIY Projects "ARK Style"
Instructions, Plans and Training

Self Watering Seed Starter

If you are going to be self sufficient, you need to grow your own food and the best place to start is from a seed.
I'm all about "efficiency" so if my seeds can water themselves, then I think they should!

These are the plans I used for my greenhouse. There are plans for every application as well as great tips for self watering, winter growing, avoiding mold and building on a budget.

Those seeds need to go somewhere once they're started. A greenhouse will prolong your season and protect your plants.

Pallet Wall Planter

This is a fun project which will certainly be a conversation starter. These planters are terrific for bringing some color to an exterior wall or to a small space like a balcony or patio.

One of the reasons for growing your own food is to avoid the toxins associated with grocery store food. Worms naturally fertilize and protect your crops. Farming worms will certainly help your garden, but they can also help improve your financial self-sufficiency if you set it up as a nice cottage side business.

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Self Watering  Planter

Plants grow best with consistent moisture. A tomato plant can consume a gallon of water a day and thus needs multiple waterings per day.

Who has time for that?

For plant watering efficiency, a rain water self watering system is the way to go.

I LOVE mushrooms, but the truth is that they are sponges for the pesticides sprayed on them by commercial growers. My family and I just don't need any more toxins in our lives.

Discover How to Grow Delicious, Organic, Pesticide-Free Mushrooms at a Fraction of the Cost of Buying Them from Supermarkets.

Grey Water Hand Wash Toilet

It always seemed silly to me that I'd flush the toilet and while the holding tank was filling with fresh water, more fresh water was going down the drain while I washed my hands.

This simple "toilet hack" solves that problem.

My home is insured for over $800,000 because that is the "replacement cost". I certainly DIDN'T spend that much though.

If you want to live in comfort off grid, you need to learn to DIY.

If you're like me, you won't follow any of these plans step by step, but you'll combine the knowledge gleaned to makes something even more awesome!

Home Energy Calculator

Knowing your instantaneous and 24 hour power consumption is crucial when it comes to sizing your solar power system. Click the button below and I'll email you the tool I created and use in this video.

With your greenhouse, you have your vegetables and maybe your fruit taken care, but you still need your protein. I am disgusted by how chickens are treated in the egg factories and the eggs they produce aren't nearly as nutritious as your own farm fresh eggs. And trust me, when your friends find out you have these eggs, you won't have any shortage of customers!

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Want to Join Mike in a 5 Day Retreat, Learning All Things "Off Grid"?
The best way to learn a new skill is to immerse yourself in it. During this all-inclusive off grid retreat you'll learn first hand how The Ark powers itself, how it provides us with food and even how we profit from it. For fun, we go horseback riding, canoeing, and visiting and learning from our other "unique" neighbours.